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ATCOS is a full service systems integrator focusing on small and medium sized organizations. We pride ourselves in providing high quality services to clients through information technology consulting, systems analysis and design, integration services, and implementation services. We provide operational support for clients that have no IS department or a limited IS staff.

ATCOS uses emerging technologies to provide to our clients the advanced capabilities usually found in larger organizations, scaled appropriately for smaller organizations. Even in cases where our clients are small divisions of a larger organization, we find that we can provide better services and more complete attention because we specialize in the smaller organizations. Such clients are our mainstream business.

ATCOS also prides itself in being able to represent the best interests of our client's business, and we do not see ourselves as simply technicians. We strive to implement solutions that are appropriate to the problem, rather than selling what our supplier is pushing this month.

Our services are usually only found in the larger consulting organizations, and we model ourselves on such firms with one difference: price. We seek ways to do a great job for our clients through technology and methods of delivering our services so that costs are kept to a level affordable to the smaller client.

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